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EGR Classic: Union Parish Farmers vs. Evangel Christian Academy Eagles

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Two of the most tradition rich teams in the state of Louisiana will battle it out at the Eddie G. Robinson Classic. Football fans will get to see the Union Parish Farmers square off against the Evangel Christian Eagles. Both Union Parish and Evangel Christian come into this matchup with eyes on winning a state championship. The matchup between Union and Evangel will set a tone for the coming season for both teams.

Union Parish is coming off of a 2015 season where they finished 5-6. The Farmers are determined to pile up some wins this season and really put the points up. Farmers’ fans should look for Chase Spatafora to have a solid season at the quarterback spot. Spatafora plays all over the field for Union Parish and is a big play threat no matter where he lines up at. Spatafora passed for a little under 600 yards last season and wants to improve upon those numbers this season. Union Parish has the potential to be dangerous this season.

Evangel Christian has been a Louisiana and national power over the years and this season they have a strong defense returning. Not to be outdone at the quarterback position, Evangel Christian has a solid quarterback returning for the 2016 season in the form of Connor Curry. The Eagles are expected to make another playoff run and this has the potential to be a team that could win a state title. The Evangel-Union Parish game is important for both teams to get the momentum going and get the season started in the right way.

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