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Character Counts: Kayanne Reid Bentonville Lady Tigers

With any sport, whether it be football, basketball, or baseball, you will hear people talking about character and what having great teammates will do for a team. A recent example of this would be the Kansas City Royals. Only diehard Royals’ fans can likely name six players on that roster, simply because they are not players you hear about every day. High school basketball is much the same way and we are going to take a look at a young woman who shines not only on the court but off of it as well.

At the photo shoot for the Letterman Magazine basketball issue, Kayanne Reid had the opportunity to talk about team chemistry. Kayanne cares about keeping the team spirits high and having great chemistry in good and bad times. It is easy to be positive when things are going good, but it is a little tougher when your back is against the wall. Reid makes sure she has a positive attitude no matter the circumstance.

Kayanne is a leader on and off the court. She attends Get Connected Church in Centerton, which has provided her the opportunity to enhance her leadership skills within the community. Reid knows that putting in the work will be beneficial to the team and the community.

The Bentonville Lady Tigers are going to be an interesting team to watch this season. The goal is to win the 7A West Conference and make the state tournament. Those are not the key goals though, the most important objectives are to improve individually and as a team every day. It is clear that Kayanne is taking those goals to heart and over the next few years people will get to see those goals in action from Kayanne and the Bentonville Lady Tigers.

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