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Beauty and Success

Skylar Diggins, Candice Parker, and Sanya Richards-Ross: This group of ladies has two things in common. They are top athletes and are considered to be very beautiful women. In most cases, female athletes are usually thought to have any femininity.  A few decades ago society viewed women athletes as rugged and were rarely seen in heels or make-up.

Some sports are catered to show a woman’s feminine side such as gymnastics, volleyball, and lingerie football, but what about the women that plays in male dominating sports such as basketball and track?  Athletes such as Flo-Jo and Lisa Leslie embraced their feminism while giving their all on the track and court. Today, this practice has somewhat decreased amongst female athletes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that a woman should be more focused on her looks than she is on her game.

Athletes depend on their physical ability to perform at the highest level. While watching the 2012 Olympics, I took notice of the United States of America Women Track Team and noticed how well they were put together (hair done, make-up, etc.). I recall making jokes saying: “the USA found some pretty girls to run.” After they won more than a couple medals, I realized not only were they beautiful but also very talented. The women athletes of today are bringing beauty back to the game!

Skylar Diggins, who has been labeled as the unofficial face of the Women’s National Basketball Association, is considered to be one of the sexiest athletes on the planet. With more and more female athletes displaying their feminine side in sports, many more doors are being opened. There are great examples in the sports world today. Young female athletes are empowered and believe that they can participate in any sport and remain a lady.

Professional women athletes today have created a trend. They have showed that women can be competitive and play at a high level, even being compared to male athletes. Although a woman should not be judged by her looks, a great presentation can bring new fans to the game. It can also develop more role models for young girls. Instead of idolizing video vixens and reality stars to model life after, seeing women doing great things and remaining pretty can possibly save our younger generation.

Written by: Brandy J. Flynn

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