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2014 Watch List: Greenwood Bulldogs

Fifty consecutive times Greenwood didn’t taste defeat. Fifty. The incredible run was finally put to a halt in the 6A State Semifinals last year against

August 27, 2014 Football
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2014 Watch List: North Little Rock

A couple seasons now some followers have said “This is the year NLR stops Northwest Arkansas’ streak.” It hasn’t happened yet. Count now a third

August 25, 2014 Football
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2014 Watch List: Pine Bluff Zebras

Before last year’s season opener against against Northside, Bolding said he wasn’t sure he had the pieces to even field a winning team. Fast-forward 13

August 24, 2014 Football
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2014 Watch List: Northside Grizzlies

Northside may as well be called “Upside” this year. No team that failed to make the postseason last year is as dangerous as second-year head

August 24, 2014 Football
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2014 Watch List: Har-ber Wildcats

Springdale Har-Ber impressed quite a few people last season. Har-Ber was able to defeat a couple great teams such as Missouri power Webb City and

August 23, 2014 Football
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2014 Watch List: Fayetteville Bulldogs

The Fayetteville Purple Dogs have their share of playoff runs, which have usually led to a state title. What surprised most Fayetteville fans last year

August 22, 2014 Football
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2014 Watch List: Bentonville Tigers

The Bentonville Tigers are the defending state champions in the 7-A conference. The Tigers tend to improve throughout the season into the harsh cold temperatures

August 21, 2014 Football
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Letterman 2014 Honorable Mentions

Arkansas is having a great year talent-wise in the football department for the 2014-2015 season. We will name our Top 25 Senior Players to Watch

August 11, 2014 Football